Manage your boss!

You can find thousands of books and articles dedicated to managers on how to motivate, inspire and lead employees, but you don’t see too many written on employees “managing” their boss. In this post I would like to share a few secrets and ideas on how to “manage” your boss. Managing your boss effectively creates a stronger working relationship that just might provide you the opportunity that you’ve always wanted! Continue reading Manage your boss!

What I Learned on Vacation

It already feels like summer is over and most of the tans have all faded. Indeed, most of my clients, colleagues and acquaintances have all had their summer vacations, if they were lucky enough to do so. I was very happy to have spent many days in the US with some on the beach. In this post, I would like to focus on what I learned while on vacation. These are all very obvious, but the reality of these truths seemed to have affected me much more this year than others.

1. Life is Expensive!

If you have a family, you know that even the simplest of vacations is expensive. The more adventurous you are, the further you go and the longer you stay, going on vacation costs a small fortune. Even traveling alone makes dents in your savings. In order to enjoy life, or at least to be active in exploring the world, success in our careers is key. Ongoing success, big or small, in our careers is a must to reach some level of fiscal confidence. This confidence allows you an opportunity to make more decisions, be they more risky or unique. Be sure to make a successful day every day in your work. This affords you many more options in life.

2. Working is FUN and EXCITING!

After seven days away, I was chomping to get back to work! The exciting frantic pace of everyday work be it in sales, finance, information technology, marketing or whatever ignites creativity and passion. When you are able to take ten to fourteen consecutive days off and truly get away, you are able to completely clear your mind. Make sure you have delegated your work or have asked colleagues to cover your responsibilities in your absence (you can do the same for them when they are away!). Working remotely each day while on vacation is NOT a vacation and you will never be able to clear your mind nor will you able to recharge. More often than not, it leads to more stress. Everyone should (must!) take time off to rekindle the spark, clear your mind and recharge!

3. Retire?

Being on vacation always raises the same question each year. How can people retire? I remember an interview with Elton John when he was asked why he continues to perform and tour. His response was simple but so true, and I paraphrase, “What else can I do. There are only so many days one can play golf. My life calling is a performer and I am happiest when I perform.” For me too! I am happiest when I am working. Having a break each year always recharges my passion. Having something you love “absent” in your live for even a week or two can truly show you what matters most, and makes you happiest, in your life.

4. Energy

To truly excel in your profession, I believe that energy is required. This energy gives you a glow that strengthens and motivates others and gets you through times when you must put in a great deal of time to accomplish certain tasks or milestones. A good and truly “unplugged” vacation completely recharges you for any task ahead.

Again, most of you know these simple facts, but I challenge you to take the time, delegate or arrange appropriate work cover, completely unplug and enjoy your family, and bask in the sun or climb that mountain. Careers are a marathon. Nice, long annual vacations are the water tables on your career “marathon” journey to keep you going and fueled! Enjoy life and make success happen every day!

Summer Slump

I am sure many of you have heard the term “summer slump.” In sports, the term is related to athletes not performing up to expectations. For youngsters, it describes kids that do nothing all day or are unmotivated to take on new activities. In businesses, it describes a period where productivity takes a dive. A lot of research has been done that shows periods in August where productivity declines as much as 40% in many professions. There are countless theories as to why this happens. For me, the reasons why are a distraction. Yes, they are interesting to discuss or debate, but whatever the reason, the fact is productivity does suffer. No matter your profession, I have listed a few ideas to ensure you do not have a summer slump yourself. Continue reading Summer Slump

Job Fairs

As noted in the media over the past several months, the number of open positions per available candidate is at an all time 50 year high. There are many recruitment activities and strategies implemented each day by companies to ensure they maintain a healthy flow of candidates. One activity that can boost new candidates, as well as provide more information to job seekers, are job fairs.

All companies needing talent or expecting an increase in hiring needs are highly encouraged to participate in the many job fairs available every year. In this post, I will provide a few basic tips to companies and job seekers that will allow you to get the most from your time and investment. Continue reading Job Fairs

Summer Heat!

I have decided to take on an issue in this post regarding office etiquette that most leaders, managers and coworkers will not address. This is mainly due to politeness, not wanting to talk about personal issues and/or not wanting to offend anyone. As a result, no one ever discusses the topic and it can become a professional distraction. Well, I am here to help (and no, I am not a pitch man for any products listed below, just concerned for the overall productivity of all companies).
Continue reading Summer Heat!

Summer Interviews

I would like to revisit one aspect of the interview process as it is getting hotter and summer being practically here. I have already addressed proper interview tactics and preparation, but what to do in the summer? As you commute to work, it seems everyone has already adopted the “Cool Biz” look and perhaps you also have the ability to dress down in the hotter months in your current company.
Continue reading Summer Interviews


One very specific client meeting I had in 1998 changed my way of thinking about top talent. Of course, being younger at the time and admiring Jack Welch, I had thought that there are some people in this world that you simply cannot replace. Well, my thoughts have changed. Continue reading Irreplaceable?!

Optimism is Hard

You never see books in the library or in the book store on “Negative Thinking” or “Pessimism.” The reason being is that as humans, these come easily. What is truly hard is to have unfaltering optimism and positive thinking. There are many multimillionaire authors that focus primarily on optimism and positive thinking. I do not pretend to have any unique advice or that I am more qualified than these leading experts, but I would like to give some ideas from my perspective. Continue reading Optimism is Hard