Another year has passed. I am sure you all have had challenges, set-backs and successes. This is the perfect time of year to reflect on 2018. I encourage you to make the time to list all of the challenges, obstacles and successes you had and be as detailed as possible. For the challenges and obstacles, think long and hard on how they could have been managed better or perhaps avoided. When looking at your successes, list why they occurred, what was the activity or work that you did to accomplish tasks and goals that lead to the success. Again, be sure to take the time to do this exercise properly; moreover, to document properly.

 Once you have a detailed and comprehensive list of what worked, what did not and how you dealt with each, it is time to use this experience and knowledge to begin planning for 2019. In order to grow your career, this activity is critical to ensure you enjoy and benefit from more successes and know how to better deal, manage, and perhaps eliminate, the obstacles. Most professionals do not take the time to reflect, document and plan. They fail to make constant and consistent improvements and “drift” through their career. Make the time and truly reflect so that you are not one of them.

 As 2019 approaches, be sure to continue the activities that were successful in 2018 and use your newly gained skills and experience to grow as a professional and most importantly, how to manage the challenges more effectively so that you continue to move forward in your career!


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