Happy New Year to All and best wishes to you and your loved ones in the New Year! Looking ahead again this year, I am extremely excited to work each day to ensure that our candidates, clients and colleagues are successful! There’s a full year of opportunities waiting to be taken. If you work hard, and more importantly, work smart, your future will be bright. Listed below are a few points to help you in 2019 build a strong and lasting career. If you choose to implement them, I am convinced you will grow and succeed!

1. Sacrifice

This goes against everything you are hearing in business today with flextime, core-time, working from home, work-life balance, etc. However, if you want to truly build your career you are going to have to sacrifice. Short term, and especially if you are just starting your career, a new career or a position in a new company, you are going to have to sacrifice your time, things you like to do and perhaps time with family and friends. Of course I am not suggesting you work 24/7, but you are going to have to spend time to build your professional aptitude and also to accomplish your role’s activities, requirements and deadlines.

You must also build your social capital by networking, getting involved in professional groups and volunteering your time for career specific events. In addition to building your social capital, you must build your “brand.” Your brand is you. You want to be seen in the market as a hardworking, knowledgeable and trusted professional. In your work you have to ensure you are over-delivering in your daily requirements and are exceeding expectations. Late nights and weekend work is needed to accomplish this as many events are outside of normal working times; moreover, you may be able to accomplish your work objectives with some focused work at the weekend. Wow, a lot of work. The good news is that it is short term. The bigger and stronger your social capital and the professional brand you have created in the market, the less you will have to work in the long-term. Once you have established yourself and proven you can deliver in your job, opportunities are abundant. Even better is that most, if not all, of your colleagues will not sacrifice nor go the extra mile. This makes you shine more brightly. Do what others won’t and establish yourself. Good things will happen and before you know it, you are working less and accomplishing more!

2. Take the Wheel

Never give the power to others to control your career or destiny. Others have their own priorities and objectives. Live each day with the knowledge that only you can, and must, control your own success or failure. Yes, there will be challenges and or roadblocks, but you have to conquer them with proper planning. Be creative, work hard and make sure your end destiny is the one you have planned and controlled, not someone else!

3. Don’t wait on others

Ever hear someone say “that’s not my job?” If there is something that has to be done by someone else that is required for you to complete a task, overcome a challenge or to take advantage of an opportunity, don’t wait on them! Do their job if necessary. Don’t get caught up in the “it’s not my job” state of mind. Do what is necessary for you to succeed, period. Control your own destiny and never give that control to others. Yes, more work for you, but so what, you are reaching your goals!

4. Determination

All three points above are tough, so the fourth point is to dig deep for the will power to do what is necessary to accomplish them all, every day. You have to have the determination and mindset to never give up. Wake up each day and say to yourself out loud that “you will do what is necessary this day to be more productive and to complete the activities you are responsible for, as well as the ones that will allow you to be more effective in your role.” This will be your theme music for each day and it will help you get through those times when you feel lazy or disinterested.

Make 2019 a year of success and be sure you do what is required to be in a position to take the opportunities when they are presented. The more you do, the more opportunities will present themselves. Make a successful 2019!

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