Ambition has many definitions and is interpreted differently by all. My personal definition is “the desire and determination, exhibited through daily action, to accomplish a task or goal.” Too many people confuse ambition with hope. We hope we succeeded. We hope to reach our professional or personal targets and goals. Hope is not ambition. Hope is simply delayed disappointment.

Truly ambitious people understand that ongoing hard and smart work is required, day in and day out, to accomplish tasks. This gives them a higher probability of reaching or accomplishing what they desire. It’s akin to climbing a mountain. It is a long and many times extremely difficult and painful journey, but if you are taking at least one step forward each minute, hour or day, you will reach the top. 

We all know ambitious professionals. They are so based on their true professionalism or their unwavering desire to be more successful or financially independent. In most cases, ambitious people are both. However, most of us know and interact with the opposite type. They are easy to spot. They are the under-performers rarely reaching their job’s goals, requirements or KPIs. They tend to make excuses first, are lazy and rarely put in the effort that is required of them; moreover, these professionals are most often then not content where they are in their careers and are simply picking up a paycheck.

Life of course is much more interesting with many different types of people in the world. The lazy, the below average, the content and the ambitious all have a place. The good news for those that aspire to be better than you are today, are willing to sacrifice now to enjoy the benefits later is the fact that there are far fewer ambitious people in the world compared to the whole. This gives those that are willing to do the hard work and “do whatever it takes” to accomplish tasks, activities and goals many more opportunities.

For those of you with true ambition, ensure you make positive and substantial progress in your career journey in 2018. That next big promotion, achievement, success story or life changing opportunity is waiting for you!

Oh, and make sure you surround yourself with other truly ambitious people. Success is contagious!

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