Building Relationships

In the spirit of recent events, most notably the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore, I want to focus on the topic of building relationships. In this day and age, much of our communication with each other is done electronically. Of course technology is a tremendous productivity tool and has allowed for international business to thrive. In this post, I want to emphasize the importance of face-to-face communication.

To truly understand and communicate with someone, you must be face-to-face. Again, the telephone, texting and email are tremendous assets to further communication, but they don’t give you the ability to observe body language, to see how someone is reacting, nor to instantaneously collaborate on ideas. In many cases, what is written will be interpreted in many different ways. Tone, intent and purpose can, and most likely will, be misunderstood. This problem is compounded by ten in the case of correspondence between two people when the language used is not the native language of one or both in communication. Of course given the limited amount of time we have each day, and with the barriers of physical location, face-to-face communication can be difficult to achieve, but you must make a daily effort to meet and communicate with all related to your work.

Sales professionals build stronger relationships when they arrange frequent meetings with clients. Complex discussions related to finance, accounting or law are best reserved for meetings. Building trust and cooperation between colleagues is best achieved through direct contact, especially if it is in a causal non-work environment. Are you not getting along with someone professionally? I encourage you to take the initiative to meet to communicate any challenges you may have.

Being able to see the reaction of others and the ability to hear other’s viewpoints furthers the conversation allowing for greater understanding. This is why interviews require candidates meeting their prospective employers. It provides more clarity on the role, expectations and for each to see and react to one another.

As the months continue to get warmer, it is the perfect time to reach out to clients, prospects, colleagues, work related stakeholders and your social and professional network. Building a personable and strong relationship with all is key to mutual understanding, building trust and thus creating the opportunity to enjoy more success. So, who are you meeting with today?

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