The Call Back

In this post, I want to focus on interview etiquette. We have already discussed the power of a smile and how to act during the interview. Now that the interview is complete, what to do? The best next step is “The Call Back.” It is a very simple gesture, but rarely utilized.

How many times have you had an interview and were very excited about the opportunity and were hoping, and perhaps praying, that you would receive quick positive feedback? Or you check your inbox every five minutes the next day looking for an email confirmation of another interview or perhaps the offer of employment… and that’s all you did, wait.

One very important step in the interview process is the “call back.” In this day and age, there is no need for an actual “call back” using the telephone. If fact, if you tried to call your interviewer back the next day, it would be inappropriate.

The call back I am referring to is a post-interview follow up email. The email should be sent to every person you met and should be short and to the point. Thank the interviewer for their time and in your own words and reasons, reconfirm your desire to work for them and the company. End the email by writing you are excited to hear back from them. If you were sent through an employment agency and don’t have the interviewer’s contact details, send your post-interview email to the employment agency representative and ask him or her to send on your behalf.

As discussed in my previous post, people want to work with happy, positive and fun professionals. Moreover, employers are looking for eagerness and proactivity, all very positive traits that show you are the best candidate for the role. The “call back,” or post-interview follow-up email is key to standing out from other candidates and again, it shows you care, have interest and most important, that you are a professional that understands and employs proper etiquette.

This is another arrow in your quiver to get the job of your dreams!



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