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The Run

Remember the last time you went jogging? If you don’t run that often, it can be a challenge. In this post, I want to focus on how jogging (running) can relate to your job. When running, most people tend to pick a route that has many landmarks. No matter if it is a short 5K run or a 10K plus run, you use those landmarks to determine how far you have run, or more importantly, how far you have to go! When running, the fastest way to create self-doubt if you are going to make the time goal, or to actually finish, is to constantly be looking at the landmark at the end of your run. This could be a tower, a tall building, etc., that you are able to see during your entire run. If you are always looking at the goal, it will seem to take forever to get there and make it seem more difficult. Continue reading The Run

The Puppy

What happens when everyone passes a pet store? Of course the initial response is ahhhhh, I want one! With all of the cute puppies wagging their tails and showing their sad eyes that say, “take me home,” I am sure that most of you want to take one home and have them join your family. Continue reading The Puppy

The Mountain

If you are currently living in Japan, you know that there has been a lot of snow this past week. It has been great for the ski areas across Japan. I was fortunate enough to hit this slopes this past weekend and it was amazing powder. Skiing in knee deep powder snow in most places is rare and I very much enjoyed the opportunity. As with most outings, the day of fun reinforced many life and professional facts I have learned over my career. If you have ever seen someone on TV ski in knee deep powder snow, it is graceful and elegant (normally it is shown in slow motion so that all can truly appreciate the beauty and grace). The fact of the matter is that it is extremely hard, both physically and technically! You have to be very aggressive, in top shape, focused and powerful in your moves or you are sure to fall. Continue reading The Mountain


Another year has passed. I am sure you all have had challenges, set-backs and successes. This is the perfect time of year to reflect on 2018. I encourage you to make the time to list all of the challenges, obstacles and successes you had and be as detailed as possible. Continue reading 2018

I Want… Dos and Don’ts

Have you ever wanted something but for whatever reason, did not ask for it? Did you miss an opportunity and later have regret? Or is it you did ask and you did not receive what you requested? In this post, I want to cover the basics as to when to ask and when to wait. Below are a few professional situations that asking for, or not, will pay off. Continue reading I Want… Dos and Don’ts

Finding the Right Career Opportunity

As everyone knows, we are currently in a “Sellers’ Market” where there are more open positions then there are candidates. For specific skills, the problem is much worse (for employers). This of course is great for candidates, especially for those in very high demand, IT professionals for example. When I search the web for IT jobs in Tokyo, several thousand results come up. When I try and narrow this down by job function, technology, experience and skills, still thousands remain. As a candidate, how are you able to research and determine which company, industry or job type is the best fit for you? It would be a full time job to manage this and even then, a candidate may not be able to get all of the information needed to make the best choice; moreover, many times, candidates are unaware of all of the great companies actively searching for them! Continue reading Finding the Right Career Opportunity

Did you see my email?

It irritates me when someone calls me and asks “did you see my email?” In most cases, the email was sent just a few minutes prior to the phone call. In today’s business world, I fear too many professionals are simply reacting to email and when the inbox has been whittled down to a manageable number by the end of the day, there is a sense of accomplishment. Professionally this is very dangerous. If you have read any of my past posts, you know I am a fan of email when used properly. However, when used improperly, can lead one to a dramatic decrease in productivity and results. Continue reading Did you see my email?

Action Creates Activity

Whatever your profession, one very important phrase I urge all professionals to remember is that “action creates activity.” I often hear professionals complain about having a job that is repetitive, not exciting and in some cases, not challenging. Without a doubt, there are jobs where this is absolutely true and there is nothing much anyone can do to make those tasks more exciting. My only advice in these cases is to have the best attitude possible, support others and do your best work. Someone will notice and it can lead to brighter opportunities. In addition, no matter our profession, there will be some tasks that require us to make extra effort to get done. This could be the many reports doctors have to make on each patient they see at the end of each day, or creating documentation for software or infrastructure to updating a client relationship management system for sales professionals. In many cases, these are compliance related requirements and have to get done. Just put on a smile when doing it. Continue reading Action Creates Activity


We all know it is that time of year again. The days are longer, pools are open and many new face towels have been purchased. This is a perfect time of year, and the busiest, for taking vacations. I want to take this opportunity to encourage you all to take time off each year. No matter the time in the year and no matter what you decide to do or where to go, it is extremely important to take time off. Be sure to use all of your allotted vacation benefits! It is no secret that most employees in Japan do not use their full amount of annual vacation time. There are many reasons for this, but assuming you have an accommodating boss and work for a supportive company, there really is no “good” reason not to!? Here are my reasons why it is important and some ideas to enjoy the break. Continue reading Summertime

Building Relationships

In the spirit of recent events, most notably the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore, I want to focus on the topic of building relationships. In this day and age, much of our communication with each other is done electronically. Of course technology is a tremendous productivity tool and has allowed for international business to thrive. In this post, I want to emphasize the importance of face-to-face communication. Continue reading Building Relationships