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Interview Questions

I covered this topic several times over the years and would like to again focus on questions from candidates to their potential employer during the interview process. I want to focus on this again because I am still amazed at the number of silly and sometimes scary questions candidates ask. I hope this will reach as many candidates as possible to help with this very simple part of the interview process. As I detailed in the past, there are countless books, articles and even seminars focused on how to interview and I encourage everyone to utilize as much information as possible to ensure you present yourself well, make a lasting impression and for you understand if the potential employer is where you want to offer your skills and services.
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Offer of Employment!?!

You have done all the research, applied to the company of your choice and for the position you are most interested in – all focused on building your career and gaining new skills and experience. You submitted an attractive resume detailing your skills and experience and you were invited in to interview. You passed the first round of interviews and were invited in for the second. Again, you did well and were invited back for the third and final interview with senior management and human resources. All of the effort and time has paid off and you are now in the offer of employment stage. Great!
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The Interview Starts Now

A year or two ago, I wrote about the interviewing process and how candidates are being evaluated by companies not only on the initial strength of their resume and interviews, but also on the general communication between candidate and company arranging interviews, confirming schedules and providing further information, such as references. Based on the past several months of well over one hundred internal and external interviews, I must write again on the importance of this topic. Continue reading The Interview Starts Now

Summer Interviews

I would like to revisit one aspect of the interview process as it is getting hotter and summer being practically here. I have already addressed proper interview tactics and preparation, but what to do in the summer? As you commute to work, it seems everyone has already adopted the “Cool Biz” look and perhaps you also have the ability to dress down in the hotter months in your current company.
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I have been thinking recently if I am a Dinosaur. Have I not adapted to the times of the “new” ways of doing things? Are the professional rules and expectations I learned in my 20s and 30s still applicable? After much thought and consideration, I have concluded that without a doubt, the professional rules, etiquette and requirements are the same. Yes, new tools and technology makes us all more efficient, effective and accessible, but the unwritten business rules matter. It is up to younger professionals to learn them to ensure they are able to get the career opportunity and or career advancement they desire.
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Interview Questions

There are many books and countless articles on the subject of questions you should ask, and not ask, during the interview. Most agree that asking questions is a good thing. Having said that, no interviewer wants to be asked twenty questions about the company and role, or worse, be interrogated in the first interview. So what are the questions we should ask? Again, there are countless books and articles and “experts” providing advice but which ones are best? Of course every situation is different and I do not claim to know the perfect question for every situation. However, there are some professional rules to follow. Continue reading Interview Questions

Why are you applying?

Simple question, right? I interviewed just over sixty candidates last year for internal roles and one question I am sure to ask all is “why are you applying to this position?” It’s amazing that many cannot answer this simple question; moreover, answer it well. In this post, I want to provide you insight to the question, great answers and things you should never say. Continue reading Why are you applying?

The Interview Is Already Complete?

In this post, I want to focus on your actions during the application process before you get in front of the hiring manager. What if I told you that half of the interview is already complete before you meet anyone? Moreover, what if I told you that the company’s hiring manager has already made up their mind as to your employment fate before they meet you. Well, this is the reality and the more you know, the more successful you will be securing your ideal job! Continue reading The Interview Is Already Complete?