Finding the Right Career Opportunity

As everyone knows, we are currently in a “Sellers’ Market” where there are more open positions then there are candidates. For specific skills, the problem is much worse (for employers). This of course is great for candidates, especially for those in very high demand, IT professionals for example. When I search the web for IT jobs in Tokyo, several thousand results come up. When I try and narrow this down by job function, technology, experience and skills, still thousands remain. As a candidate, how are you able to research and determine which company, industry or job type is the best fit for you? It would be a full time job to manage this and even then, a candidate may not be able to get all of the information needed to make the best choice; moreover, many times, candidates are unaware of all of the great companies actively searching for them!

This is where a specialty staffing company can greatly assist candidates in search of career opportunities that meet their experience, skills, interests and career growth requirements. It is important to find a specialty staffing firm that is focused on a candidate’s specific job function and perhaps, their industry specialty as well. Big-box recruitment companies are very good at volume, but a specialty staffing company can provide much more insight, and will have exclusive orders from companies due to their specialty area; moreover, will most likely have much higher success rate ratios.

It is important to find the right specialty staff firm as well. Even though many companies claim they can provide full service one-stop services, the reality can be very different. If a company is known for and has a specialty in accounting professionals for example, and your career has been in sales, this will not be a productive professional relationship. Be sure to research well and identify the company that can provide you the most specific service tailored to your career objectives. Of course Skillhouse is an IT specialty staffing and services company and we excel in finding great opportunities for all of our IT candidates. We have a team approach to providing the highest service possible to both candidates and clients and introduce roles that best fit career objectives and interests. You are not getting the support of just one or two team members (as is typical at most companies), but the full resources of the company. If an accountant or lawyer wanted to register with us to look for a new opportunity, we would not be able to provide any support as this is not our specialty area. We would not know who is hiring and or what the best opportunities are in the market for these professionals. For these professionals, we are not a fit and this makes my point. Find a specialty staffing company that will give you the best support possible to find the best company and role for you. Equally important work with company that does not waste your time.

In order to find the right career opportunity type for you, make sure you have the right specialty company working for you. Do not have the attitude of the more companies you use or register with, the more possible opportunities you can choose from. You may be getting more jobs introduced with this broad approach, but are you sure you are getting the best possible opportunities presented to you?

In this seller-market, be sure you use the rod-and-reel approach instead of using a net. If you do, you will land the exact catch you are looking for! If you happen to be an IT professional, I encourage you to register with Skillhouse. You will see the difference!

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