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Each year it seems there is another tool, website or service that allows us to communicate more quickly and efficiently with friends, clients, colleagues, companies, etc. This easy and immediate access has been great for being connected and communicating more frequently. This 24/7 access has us checking our PCs, Laptops, phones, tablets and watches non-stop.

This results in an “overload” of communications from everyone trying to contact you, connect with you, sell you something, etc. So, it is understandable that creating abbreviations, sacrificing punctuation and grammar in the name of speed is acceptable communication forms. However, it is never acceptable during the hiring process and communicating with would be employers or clients. Never.

It is absolutely astonishing to me that some job seekers act like they are sending a tweet or text to their friend when applying to a job. I posted a job advertisement recently for a sales professional and some of the applications I received were deleted within seconds. One applicant wrote, “i saw your posting on linkedin and want to apply. please send me more details on the pay and sales expectations.” After receiving several of these, I feel it is my duty to provide a basic 1-2-3 to younger job seekers.

  1. Always be formal. Professional correspondence is the first opportunity for employers to judge you. Use proper punctuation, clearly communicate your interest and be appreciative of the opportunity to meet for an interview.
  2. Everything is being judge so make sure your resume, on-line profile and correspondence is professional. I once received an application from a candidate that seemed to be good until I realized his email address on the resume was partyanimalalways@xxx.com.
  3. Take the time to tailor your application and resume to the position you are applying for. If you want a sales career, make sure it is clear in your resume objective and in your cover letter. For example, it is frustrating to receive a resume from a candidate applying to a sales position, and upon reviewing their resume, notice the career objective as “looking for an accounting or bookkeeping role….”

Social Media and other tools and services are fantastic! They open so many doors and allow us to communicate freely to any one and every one. Do however, make sure you always understand who are communicating with and act and write accordingly.

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