One thing that I have learned through sports, athletic endeavors and business is when you are passive or careless, that is when disaster happens!

For those of you that ski or snowboard, have you ever been on a simple slope or even a relatively flat run and you have a nasty fall? You naturally feel you have everything under control due to your skill and experience, but forget about the basics, or your attention is on other things and bam!, life teaches you a lesson.

I want you all to focus on your careers in a similar way. Everyone has a unique talent, experience and/or skills to do their chosen profession. There are those that are more gifted than others and are able to accomplish more with less effort while others have to work twice as hard. That’s life. Deal with it! One very important message I want you to remember is that yes, it is okay to coast on your talent a little every now and then. But only every now and then! Otherwise, just as you may have experienced your face in the snow by being passive or careless, the business world will also give you a “bam!” moment. How to avoid these? Make sure that no matter what the activity you are engaged in, no matter if you have done it countless times, that you are prepared and that you truly accomplish the activity successfully. Moreover, make sure it is your best work! No shortcuts.

Successfully completing small tasks on a daily basis are the building blocks to ensure consistent and long term success. If you are approaching your daily work in a passive or careless way, you will fail. There is no question about it. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it will happen. In some cases the fall will cause enough damage to dramatically affect your career and life. So, make sure you focus on delivering your best work every day and on every task. Always!

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