The Interview Starts Now

A year or two ago, I wrote about the interviewing process and how candidates are being evaluated by companies not only on the initial strength of their resume and interviews, but also on the general communication between candidate and company arranging interviews, confirming schedules and providing further information, such as references. Based on the past several months of well over one hundred internal and external interviews, I must write again on the importance of this topic. Continue reading The Interview Starts Now


Financial Times 1000 High-Growth Asia-Pacific Companies

I am very proud of Skillhouse for being recognized as one of Financial Times 1000 High-Growth Asia-Pacific Companies. We are currently in our fourteen year of business and we continue to grow, providing incredible opportunities to all of our candidates, working staff and employees. First I must thank our dedicated, talented and hardworking employees for their tremendous contributions that allow us to continuously grow and provide the market with best-in-class IT staffing services. Continue reading Recognition

Heading to School

Each morning, if you are out early enough, you can see many school children heading to school. On my daily commute, I see dozens heading to school. Every time I see these children, I can’t help but think that if more professionals were “like” them, they would be more successful in their careers. What I mean by “like” is to emulate some of the basic activities and requirements these school children have. Below is a list of what we can learn from them to be more productive or to get ahead in our careers. Continue reading Heading to School

The WOW Factor

What is the WOW Factor? For those of you wanting to advance your careers, you need to know this. Simply put, it is the ability to “Wow” your colleagues, supervisors and senior executives. The reason it is called Wow is because the activity, behavior or contributions were not expected. So, what can you do to Wow everyone to ensure you are noticed and most importantly are selected for the promotion? Continue reading The WOW Factor

Working Styles

In the current market conditions, all companies are competing to hire talented professionals. To attract these professionals, companies are exhausting their creativity to offer more or better perks than others. Over the past two decades, I have witnessed so many fantastic, and a few not-so-good, benefits or perks to attract the professionals they need. Anything and everything from unique retirement plans, medical benefits, casual Friday, cool biz, robust bonus structures, dynamic commission and incentive schemes, to free lunches, fully stocked food and drink bars within a minute from your desk and of course the flexible working schedule. With companies offering more attractive working conditions, perks and work styles, the way we work continues to change at a high pace. Especially as technology continues to enable us to “work” from “anywhere,” the pace of work-style change will continue to increase.
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Be known…

Everyone wants to be known for something. In the professional world, being positively known provides those with more opportunities; moreover, these professionals tend to have less stress, are more satisfied with their work and are generally happier. Continue reading Be known…


One thing that I have learned through sports, athletic endeavors and business is when you are passive or careless, that is when disaster happens!

For those of you that ski or snowboard, have you ever been on a simple slope or even a relatively flat run and you have a nasty fall? You naturally feel you have everything under control due to your skill and experience, but forget about the basics, or your attention is on other things and bam!, life teaches you a lesson. Continue reading Ouch!

How to be your best, always!

“Without preparation, you will fail at things you could easily master.” Mark Smith

How many times have you seen professionals “coast” through meetings with colleagues and clients. For these professionals, showing up seems to be the only requirement or “goal” they have. Moreover, many of these “professionals” are late, don’t have ambition and usually miss out on many opportunities.
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Ambition has many definitions and is interpreted differently by all. My personal definition is “the desire and determination, exhibited through daily action, to accomplish a task or goal.” Too many people confuse ambition with hope. We hope we succeeded. We hope to reach our professional or personal targets and goals. Hope is not ambition. Hope is simply delayed disappointment.
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Thank you!

As the year comes to an end, it is a great time for reflection. I am extremely thankful for all of our incredible clients, candidates and working staff and are truly honored to be working with you. No words can express our gratitude. We truly thank you!
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