Do you have the feeling of being stuck or bored in your job, career of choice or in other aspects of your life? Everyone goes through emotional ups and downs, but before you call it quits or make dramatic changes, first try routine changes.

Many of the below are very simple “out-of-work” ideas, but they are effective in helping you manage the down times. In addition, they also give you different and unique perspectives.

1. Commute
Do you take the same train, bus or walking path to work each and every day? If there is another route you can take, even though it may be longer, try it. If there is only one, then try getting off one stop earlier than your destination (both to work and back home). Yes, it will take a little more time, but it will give you new visual stimulation. This has a positive impact on your mind… and body!

2. Exercise
If you exercise, do you attend the same gym at the same time doing the same exercises? Try a new training class or join a runners group, etc. If you have the means, try a new gym. All of these add to making new connections and creating new experiences which are exciting… positively effecting your mood.

3. Appearance
Try a new look. This could be as simple as going to your hair stylist or barber and asking for something fresh and exciting. It could also be as simple as adding a pocket square to your suite, buying a few new bright and fun ties or clothes. This will make you more noticeable and friends and colleagues will engage with you about your new style. In addition to receiving compliments or interest from others, a new look or style can give you more confidence.

4. Sign up
If you have a particular interest, sign up for a class. You will meet new people and gain new friends. Good examples that are not too involved or intimidating are wine classes, dance classes, cooking classes and book clubs. This will stimulate both your intellect and improve your social skills.

5. Explore
Be on the lookout for new restaurant openings and have fun trying new foods and places with your friend or partner. Trying a new place, even only once a month can create an exciting monthly event that more and more friends can participate in.

6. Network
There are countless opportunities to have professional networking opportunities in the city you live. A good place to start is at your local chamber of commerce. Attend as many networking events as possible and not only will you learn from others, but you will build a professional network. This exposes you to different views and thoughts.

7. Move
This for me is by far the most important. If you have the ability to move to a new apartment or home, do it. Especially if you find yourself stuck or disinterested in work or social activities for a long period of time. Moving to a different part of the city will give you a completely fresh perspective in all of your daily activities. New places to explore, new friends to make and new experiences to be had.

Again, if you feel like you are stuck in the same old routine and this is getting you down, try one of these tips. Oh, and if you are really inspired, do all of the above! Having a fresh perspective is important for growth and happiness. Don’t get stuck in the same old routines. There are many things you can do outside of your work that with inspire you. Try these first. Still feel stuck or bored, check out past posts related to breaking routines in your work and careers!

Now let’s change that same old routine to create a positive and fresh feeling!

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