We all know that a friendly and professional attitude allows us to excel in our careers. In this post, I want to talk about the power of a smile and a friendly and outgoing attitude during the interview process.

Have you ever been to a restaurant or shop and have not been greeted with a welcoming smile. If yes, chances are that you remember that experience as being negative or at least not being special. The same is true for interviewing for your next career opportunity. There are many things on your mind as well as having the case of slight nervousness. This is after all your opportunity to showcase prospective employers your professionalism, skills, experience and interest. Please remember that you only have one chance to make a lasting impression, so make it memorable!

Nothing is more welcoming to a potential employer than walking into a room where a candidate stands and has a beaming smile! Can you imagine how the interviewer will feel when you say with a big smile “thank you for the opportunity to meet you today and I am very much looking forward to discussing how my skills and experience fit well with the position’s requirements.” Keep the positive, friendly and welcoming attitude throughout the interview and when finished, again with a big smile thank them for the opportunity and how much you look forward to learning next steps. You want to be remembered positively and a smile is the easiest way to show you are a happy and enthusiastic professional. You don’t want to be like the restaurant or shop staff that you “remembered” in a negative way. If all candidates have similar skills and experience, the offer of employment will go to the candidate that shows enthusiasm, demonstrates the ability to work with others and will be fun to work with.

With over two decades of witnessing thousands of candidate’s receiving offers of employment and many more not, I can safely say that there is true power of a smile. We all want to work with positive and happy people, so be sure to have fun and enjoy the opportunity to meet the person that will give you your next career opportunity… and remember to smile!


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