Ahhh, Summertime! What a wonderful time of year. The days are longer and everyone’s mood is mostly cheerful!

In this post, I want to encourage everyone to truly take advantage of this time of year. Yes, it can be hot on the trains. Yes, sometimes you feel like you need another shower by lunchtime. This is, however, the perfect season to create and build stronger relationships. This can be with friends, colleagues, prospects or clients.

The key to taking advantage of longer days is to, yes, you guessed it, make a plan and be prepared. Search for nice restaurants and cafés that have Al fresco dinning or venues that have fun summertime activities. Take advantage of seasonal beer gardens and special events. They are everywhere from Tokyo Tower and Toranomon Hills to roof top adventures in Shinjuku.

You will have to be proactive and I highly encourage you to fill your schedule now! Spend this week reaching out and securing time (morning, noon or night) with your best customer, best friends, old school friends, colleagues and anyone and everyone in-between.

We all need support from others to be successful in business and in life. The path to gaining this support is to develop relationships each and every day; moreover, to nurture these relationships. You never know who can introduce you to your next client, friend or perhaps even your life partner.

Be proactive, make yourself available and build relationships!

Have a Successful and Fantastic Summer!

Have a Successful and Fantastic Summer!

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