The Best

The Best

Have you ever wondered how some of your colleagues always reach success and are always over delivering? They seem to exceed their KPIs, requirements and daily activities with ease. These people are considered “the best.” In this post I want to talk about these professionals (‘the best” among us) as I am always asked by their colleagues, “how do they do it?” Of course the colleagues of the best want to succeed in their professional careers and look to the professionals considered the best for answers, hints, pointers or want the secret magic they possess. Many times, they try to actively watch the best to learn how to be more productive and effective. In addition, they ask for more training, more tools and or more resources from their manager. The truth is, I firmly believe that most people know exactly what to do. Yes, there are tasks or activities that come easier to others, but we all have our strengths.

If you have been in the same role for more than one year, you know exactly what is required of your job, been given the training on how to be successful, shown the daily activities that must be accomplished and have enough experience to be successful. I am often amazed when someone is not performing, they look to the best, and even though they have tried to copy, still are at a loss for what to do. These are excuses. Again, everyone knows what to do and how to reach their goals. The missing ingredient is simply hard and smart work, period. How do they become the best? They work extremely hard and they learn from the mistakes they make… and are smart enough not to repeat them. Over many years of managing organizations and teams, I always know which people hope they are successful, but not willing to work hard enough for it. Yes, to be the best is hard work, but this is the most important factor that determines success, mediocrity or failure. The best make it look easy, but in fact, they are busting their butts and have their own daily struggles, motivational slumps and outside problems like all of us. Again, the main differentiator is their ability to set all of those things aside and work extremely hard. Isn’t it amazing the ones that try to copy the best performers are never in the office as late as the ones that are? Lip service never accomplished anything. If you want to have more, you have to do more! Copying the activities of the best without the hard work will simply get you nowhere.

So the true secret to being the best is to be honest with yourself. You know exactly what to do, so don’t make excuses. You know exactly the tasks you have to complete on a daily basis. You know exactly what is expected of you. You know that you have to exceed your role’s required KPIs, Benchmarks and daily activities, each and every day. If you want to be the best, you have to learn from your mistakes, do not repeat them and work HARD! No amount of training, coaching or shiny new tools will do the work for you. Oh, and there is no secret magic nor are there shortcuts.

The best know how to make best use of their time, choose what to work on and what to avoid and give it 100% every day… and won’t stop until the work is done. The next time you are looking at the best, ask yourself if you truly want to be successful. If yes, be ready to work… and work hard!

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