The Run

Remember the last time you went jogging? If you don’t run that often, it can be a challenge. In this post, I want to focus on how jogging (running) can relate to your job. When running, most people tend to pick a route that has many landmarks. No matter if it is a short 5K run or a 10K plus run, you use those landmarks to determine how far you have run, or more importantly, how far you have to go! When running, the fastest way to create self-doubt if you are going to make the time goal, or to actually finish, is to constantly be looking at the landmark at the end of your run. This could be a tower, a tall building, etc., that you are able to see during your entire run. If you are always looking at the goal, it will seem to take forever to get there and make it seem more difficult.

In our jobs, we all have goals or requirements. This could be to finish a project, reach required sales targets, to complete a report or proposal, etc. If you are always focused on the goal, just like the run, it can seem impossible or difficult to complete (or in some cases, to even start). Instead, create milestones and daily tasks that need to be completed to keep you on track. In your run, this means to focus on what is in front of you, one step at a time. Before you know it, you are at the halfway mark, and then to the goal. In your job, be sure to understand what exactly you must accomplish every day and make sure you do it. Moreover, make sure the work produced is your best. As the days pass by, you will soon find yourself at the “halfway” mark and will feel a sense of accomplishment that you are on track to deliver your work on time and that is of high quality.

No one can run 10K in 5 minutes and nor should anyone try to complete an important task or project quickly. Focus on the day’s requirements, make sure they are completed every day without fail, ensure the work produced daily is of high quality and your goal will be in reach before you know it!

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