The WOW Factor

What is the WOW Factor? For those of you wanting to advance your careers, you need to know this. Simply put, it is the ability to “Wow” your colleagues, supervisors and senior executives. The reason it is called Wow is because the activity, behavior or contributions were not expected. So, what can you do to Wow everyone to ensure you are noticed and most importantly are selected for the promotion?

Below are the 5 Factors that will get you the “Wow” moments.

  1. Create Fun! Do all the little things, especially when no one is looking or asking you to do them. Are there any upcoming seasonal activities that you could get your company or department involved in to celebrate? Hanami, Valentine’s Day, Summer BBQs, Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, Baby Showers, etc.? If your company or department has never participated in “out of the office” social activities, you will Wow everyone by creating a fun environment where people can get to know each other in a non-business environment.
  1. Do what is expected and then do more! If you have specific job requirements, make sure you do them the best that you can, every day, then do a little more. If you are in sales, this could be working to add another client. If you are in IT, it could be collecting data to report on better processes or cost savings. If you are in customer support, it could be an additional follow up call or meeting to a customer to ensure they are satisfied and to offer more support if required. There are countless ways to do more and I encourage you to find them.
  1. Communicate! Many times, those that do not do well in their role or career do not communicate to colleagues or their superiors effectively or proactively. If you have a special skill or experience that is allowing you to outperform the group, offer to lead a workshop or give a presentation to all to explain what you do and how too, they could improve by adopting your ideas and practices.
  1. Offer Help! How many of you have ever asked your superior if you could help them with any of their tasks or activities. Especially when you know your superior has a lot to do in a short period of time. Offer your assistance to help in any way you can. In most cases, there is nothing you can do, but by offering to help as often as possible makes you stand out. 
  1. Do your job! Always give your best, period. The best way to “Wow” everyone is to consistently exceed your job requirements. Personally I am always “Wowed” when colleagues over deliver, especially in sales. Nothing is more impressive than seeing a sales professional double or triple their sales goals. Nothing. This can be applied to all job types. Over deliver and everyone will be “Wowed!”

If career advancement is your professional purpose, then make sure you implement the 5 WOW Factors above. Do them consistently and constantly over your entire career and you will reach your ultimate goal! It is hard and long work, but nothing worthwhile comes easy. Now go and WOW someone today!


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